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The Double T Ted's provide cartoon advertising on Double T Ted's websites. These cartoon adverts appear in either 1 frame/plate adverts, four frame/plate adverts and/or six frame/plate adverts. A one plate advert is 156px width and 185px height and can appear wherever such an advert can fit. A four frame/plate advert is four times the previous measurements and adverts appear either across the top of pages or near the top of pages as featured adverts displayed most prominently or can appear as 1 of three such adverts on pages within Double T Ted's cartoon galleries. The six plate/frame adverts appear in the same way as the four frame adverts but generally appear as featured adverts most prominantly near the top of pages, like the one above on this page. Enquire About Cartoon Advertising.

We can also provide Double T Ted's cartoon advertising online as billboards, banners, slide shows, video clips and any number of online mediums. Enquire About Cartoon Advertising.

You can licence the Double T Ted's cartoon teddy bears for use. If you would like to use the Double T Ted's for any commercial purposes please contact us with your proposal. Enquire About Cartoons

The Double T Ted's® Cartoon Teddy Bear Characters, Get Out There With The Kings Of Content

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