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The Double T Ted's began life in 2006 with a simple typing error. The Cartoon Characters we're registered as a trademark in 2007 and there are over 6028 Double T Ted's characters in all. The Double T Ted's slogan is "Get Out There" as well as "Get Out There With The Kings of Content". The Double T Ted's modus operandi is to be seen on everything everywhere. A primary goal of the Double T Ted's is to provide advertising space on websites. The Double T Ted's are designed to advertise online as cartoon characters and cartoon strips appearing in any medium that can be used online. Enquire About Double T Ted's.

Amongst the Double T Ted's other primary objectives we find the creation of personalised cartoons for many purposes which include pictures for framing as well as full wall murals, which can include you, your family, friends, or collegues. The Double T Ted's also appear in basic form without colour as free to download colouring pages for children. The Double T Ted's are also designed to teach words, spelling, grammar, diction and the meaning of words in illustrated book. If that wasn't enough the Double T Ted's can be commissioned as exclusive hand made personalised high quality Teddy Bears. Double T Ted's toy products and a whole range of other things, along with services, will continue to be added to the Double T Ted's extensive range. Enquire About Double T Ted's.

We can also provide Double T Ted's cartoon advertising online as billboards, banners, slide shows, video clips and any number of online mediums. We can provide any type of cartoon character creation you may need for Business purposes. Enquire About Advertising Cartoon Creation.

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