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Our Web Consultancy starts at £40 for the first hour and £30 per hour after that. You may only need one hour of Web Consultant Keith D's time to have you up and running online with your site in place and nigh on finished bar filling in some text if you are the right type of client in the right position. On the other hand it may take a couple of hours of Keith D's web consultancy time to get your things in order online.

That's not 1 hour or two hours web consultants time set in stone at those prices, as you may take an hour and 50 mins of the web consultants time The next person may take 1 hour and ten minutes web consultancy time. It all evens out. If you lose or gain ten minutes as long as you are getting what you want from your web consultancy this is not an issue that will matter. The web consultant service is set at those block rates as it is simple. If you need the web consultant service at another time you have the web consultant service for £30 per hour. Enquire About Web Consultancy

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Web Consultant and Web Consultancy that's what it's about here . Web Consultancy Enquiry

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